Estate Sale

Shopping Estate Sales

If you get excited about flea markets, yard sales, and thrifting surely you must also know about estate sales! No? Well, within in the past year I’ve got to a handful of them and they have got to be described as a “get their early-shop quick-home crashing-garage sale”.

What is an estate sale?

Estate sales are essentially when a house-hold worth of items are sold over a couple days by a family or a professional estate sale company. You can buy everything from the half used bag of sugar in the pantry, to a complete bedroom set all in one place. They’re held for a variety of reasons – an owner has died and their ‘estate’ is being dealt with (hense the name) or an owner could be downsizing, moving away, or someone may just want to sell their belongings and start over. You are literally walking through a person’s home as opposed to shopping in a driveway for a garage sale.

What can you buy at an estate sale?

Everything! I find that when looking at advertisements about the sale you can get a good idea of what is going to be offered. There is always furniture. There is always kitchen dishes. Luckily everyone is on their own treasure hunts and the variety speaks to a lot of people.

Where do you find estate sales?

They are advertised just as you would find other garage or yard sales so be sure to check your local kijiji, craigslist, used sites. You can also go to your local estate sale companies websites to sign up for their newsletters. You’ll receive emails of the photos and details of their upcoming sales.

What are the prices like?

It varies on who prices them, when you shop, and how much you buy. A professional estate sale company may be more in touch with what pieces are worth so you may find that a family run estate sale has lower prices. When you have your hands full or what to buy a bunch of items, you can ask for a group price. If you attend an estate sale right when it opens, keep in mind that they may be less willing to negotiate than the last day of the sale. Always be respectful of pricing. It could be an emotional time for a family holding a sale and don’t be offended if your offer is not accepted.

When is the best time to attend an estate sale?

To get the best selection of what is for sale go early! There are always line ups. If you really want to buy that dining room table, get in line maybe a half hour early?

Do you have any tips for shopping at estate sales? Post below!



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