Always buy the pretty linens at thrift stores

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Check out these great examples of what you should always keep an eye out for while thrifting. This post is similar to when I blogged about learning to sew from materials found at the thrift but now I’ve gathered some great tutorials and visuals for you to get excited about your next trip to the thrift stores. If only we could shop 24/7!

1. Vintage sheets & duvet covers = Turn into matching napkins and placements for a dinner party

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Preparing for a dinner party can add up especially when you want to go to the steps of getting placemats and cloth napkins for your guests. Vintage sheets are often similar in colors and patterns (flowers and stripes!) that you can easily put together a great set for the dinner table. And what a unique look it’ll be.

Source: http://smileandwave.typepad.com/blog/2014/07/making-meals-extra-special-with-diy-cloth-napkins-and-placemats.html

2. Vintage sheets & duvet covers & table cloths =Sew into an apron for the kitchen

found at the thrift, vintage sheets turned apron, vintage sheets, vintage, DIY, sewing project, DIY apron,

Bring out your sewing skills from high school and put together a pretty apron for the kitchen. Make them as simple or complex as you like. It’s guaranteed that your family and friends won’t have an apron like it.

Source: http://thefarmchicks.typepad.com/farmchicks/2012/08/aprons-from-vintage-sheets.html

3. Vintage sheets & duvet covers = sew into some pajama/lounge pants

lounge pants, pajamas, found at the thrfit, thrifting for linens, vintage, vintage sheets, DIY, sewing project, vintage sheets to pants, vintage sheets turned to pants,

Again, this is a little project for when you’re in the sewing mood. These pants are adorable and you can easily turn a vintage sheet into something that will get more use. Kind of makes me want to sew a few pairs and have a sleepover with some girlfriends!

Source: http://janesapron.typepad.com/janes_apron/2008/02/little-girl-wid.html

4. Vintage doilies & placements = make them into a drawstring bag for … anything

sack, found at the thrift, drawstring, drawstring bag, DIY, sewing project, vintage drawstring bag, thrift store find

I could easily keep one of these in my living room as a place to put my jewellery. Sometimes I want to take out my earrings and not have to go all the way to my master bedroom, you know? Store whatever you like in these vintage beauties.

Source: http://dottieangel.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/handy-dandy-fruitiness.html

5. Vintage handkerchiefs = turn into a window valance

window valance, valance, vintage, vintage valance, found at the thrift, thrifting home decor, DIY, sewing project,

This is such a great idea for those that don’t know how to sew, don’t have the time, or don’t want to commit to a permanent solution to a window covering. But this could totally be permanent solution by the way. Get some clips, a rod, and hang up some pretty handkerchiefs you find at the thrift store. Have multiple windows and can’t find matching ones? Personally I think that would just add to the vintage charm!

Source: http://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/2012/10/quick-easy-window-valance-an-exciting-announcement.html

6. Vintage sheets = turn it into an a-frame tent for the kids

a-frame tent, teepee, tee pee, found at the thrift, thrifted tent, tent, DIY kids tent, DIY, DIY kids teepee, vintage sheet project, kids project,

Seriously this is my favourite project that I’ve stumbled upon. It’s a great tutorial and you could easily change up the look as your home decor (or kids interests) changes. Keep that vintage sheet intact and you can even use it in the future.

Source: http://mycakies.com/2011/05/diy-a-frame-tent/

7. Vintage sheets & pillow cases = mod podge onto a piece of furniture

found at the thrift, thrifted linens, thrifted sheets, vintage sheets, DIY, sheet, mod podge, mod podge dresser, vintage dresser, vintage dresser mod podge,

This look is adorable for a dresser and would look great in a little girls bedroom or a woman’s walk in closet! And don’t forget to think beyond a dresser. Have a night stand that needs some love? Mod podge just one drawer front for a new look. Go extreme and try this project on some closet doors? Or start small and recover a tray to use for perfume bottles and make-up.

Source: http://www.vintagesheetblog.com/2010/07/upholster-your-dresser-in-vintage.html

8. Vintage Sheets & duvet covers & pillow cases = make some fun wall art

found at the thrift, vintage hoops, vintage sheets, vintage sheets into vintage hoops, home decor, wall art, vintage wall art, vintage sheets in frames

You can use vintage sewing hoops or even picture frames to get this look. Picture frames are always available at thrift stores and are inexpensive yet add a big impact to a room. Change out this look often with all the different linens you find!

Source: http://www.diaryofaquilter.com/2011/01/vintage-sheet-projects.html

9. Vintage handkerchiefs = create a patchwork curtain
vintage linens, found at the thrift, vintage, linens, handkerchiefs, vintage linens into curtain

Adorable idea! Another little sewing project. You might need to build up your thrfited linen collection for this project but that just means you’ll have to go thrifting more often. Damn.

Source: http://rosehip.typepad.com/rose_hip_blog/2013/08/my-entry-2.html

10. Vintage sheets & duvet covers = mod podge some shelves

DIY, found at the thrift, vintage linens, vintage linen project, mod podge, mod podge project

You’ll need a few sheets for this project. Add them to a craft room or a bedroom for the ultimate vintage look that I almost wouldn’t want to cover up.

Thanks for reading everyone. Wish you luck on your thrifting adventures for vintage linens. Please leave some comments below or share this post via facebook or twitter. xo


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