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Top 10 Thrifting Finds in May & June (via Twitter)

It’s time to post some of my favorite thirfting finds that we have stumbled upon Twitter over the last month. If you’re someone that loves to thrift, shop at garage or yard sales, or flea markets, share your find on Twitter! You don’t need to blog about it, just share your find using hasthags like #thrift #goodwill #garagesalefind and we’ll be sure to find you. Maybe YOU will be featured in our next blog post? And if you post #foundatthethrift we’ll be sure to find your post! @foundatthrift

1. Crafting Supplies

When I was getting married and making my invitations, I couldn’t believe how much craft supplies cost! If you notice some of the brands in @NoelleZim‘s goodwill basket, you won’t believe how well she scored! Some of those Martha Stewart craft supplies can cost $10-20 each and those stickers look like she paid $99 cents!

found at the thrift, thrifting, thrift2. Beach Bag

I’m loving everything about this beach bag. It’s modern, the colors are great, and you can’t beat the price! Even if you only get to use the bag for one summer, your money would be well spent! @kelleyjmorris

found at the thrift, thrifting, thrift, bag, fashion


3. Upcycled Nightstand

Check out @christieselken‘s blog post about how she transformed this plain boring nightstand into a bright renewed piece of furiture. Gotta love a good DIY! Furniture gets picked up pretty quick at thrift stores so if you love a piece, grab it right away before someone else does!

found at the thrift, thrifting, thrift, nightstand, DIY, upcycled nightstand4. Pair of Vintage Chairs

These classic vintage chairs are a great thrifting find! Last month I found a pair of pink slipper chairs and blogged about it, so I certainty share in the excitement of this find! @DesertDomicile

found at the thrift, thrifting, thrift, slipper chairs, vintage, vintage chairs5. Grey Modern Chair

Another chair made the list this month. A classic grey chair like this will be in style forever and would great in any room. I would have brought this chair home too! @almacard_la

found at the thrift, thrifting, thrift, vintage chair, oversized chair, grey chair6. DIY Patio Furniture

Cheers to @EmilyKayy12 for seeing new life in this chair! With a new cushion and some sanding/staining of the wood, this chair has been brought back to life and is ready for the summer! Keep your eyes pealed when thrifting and use your imagination when looking at different pieces!

found at the thrift, thrifting, thrift, DIY, upcycled, upcycled rocker7. Lego

If you’ve ever shopped for lego new you’ll how good of a deal these lego characters are. Look closely an you’ll see some star war characters, and more! @MyLEGOblr

found at the thrift, thrifting, thrift, lego8. Throw Blanket

I agree with @YardSaleCat on this one, the colors on this blanket are great! Don’t be afraid to bring home a blanket or linen home from a thrift store. Inspect the piece for any stains or holes, bring it home and throw it in the wash, and you’re all set! It would look great with the grey chair above … hmmmmm…

found at the thrift, thrifting, thrift, blanket

9. Inexpensive Clothes

Even though I can’t see the entire shirt, I know its a good find. You can find clothes at thrift stores all the time that still have the original price tag on! @NaysaSaylor People donate their clothes or all kinds of reasons (last season, sizing, close purging) and you can benefit!

found at the thrift, thrifting, thrift, fashion, clothes


10. Vintage Battleship Game

Check out the packaging on this game – the men are playing battleship and the women are doing dishes. You won’t see packaging like this anymore, and for good reason! Don’t forget to check your local thrift stores for board games. Many times you can find a game that you used to pay as a kid and completely forgot about. Oh memories! @GeorgeMaglio

found at the thrift, thrifting, battleship, thrift, vintage boardgame, board games


Thanks for reading everyone. Have YOU found anything amazing thrifting lately? Share!






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