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Reveal: Green & Wood Stained Vintage Dresser

If you follow us on Twitter, a couple weeks ago I posted a teaser to my latest project – a vintage dresser with an inspiration piece of a green and wood stained dresser. So glad to finally share my post with you!

I found the vintage dresser on a local group buying site for a price that reflected its condition. It needed some love but the bones of the piece is what you need to look for. The drawers were dovetailed, they slid easily, and everything was in working order. It was scratched  and needed to be worked on. There were no manufacturer markings on the dresser but it must be from the 60’s or 70’s.

This is what it looked like when I got it home. A front view.

the before, before dresser, upcycled, to be upcycled, going to be painted, thrifting, found at the thrift, thrift, second hand, new life, project, DIY, upcycled, upcycle


And here you can really tell the scratches and markings on the top.

yikes, scratched dresser, TLC, TLC needed, upcycled, to be upcycled, upcycle, DIY, the before, before, improvement, found at the thrift, second hand, thrifting, thrift, bring it home,


I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the dresser. Paint? Or stain? or both? So I consulted Pinterest and knew that I wanted to make an attempt at a green chalk painted dresser with a dark stain on the wood grain for the top surface that I had saved months ago. Here is the inspiration piece – (credit:

inspiration, found at the thrift, teaser, project teaser, DIY, upcycled dresser, found at the thrift, thrifting, thrift, in progress, the reveal, twitter, twitter teaser, tease


found at the thrift, thrifting, thrift, the project, the inspiration, upcycled, upcycle, DIY, DIY project, project, thrifting, pop some tags, the reveal, weekend project,

I decided to keep the handles and the top of the dresser the wood grain and chalk paint the rest of the dresser green.

I gave a quick sand to the drawer handles and a really good sanding to the dresser top to help get out the scratches and markings. I then taped the dresser and made sure to carefully cover the handles so that the paint wouldn’t get on them. I believe I ended up with 3 coats of chalk paint. Usually you don’t need that many coats with chalk paint but I used a cheap brush. So note to self is to invest in a brush that’s a little more expensive and better quality.

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Once everything was dried, I carefully removed the tape from the handles and brought out the stain. I used “Varathane premium wood stain in Chocolate no. 278”. I bought this from Home Depot and I’m sure its available from any home improvement store.

I look a picture of the staining process to show the difference that the staining made on the wood. The drawer in the very front was after a quick sanding but essentially untouched. The drawers in the back were freshly coated with the stain. Such a difference!

stain, staining drawers, upcycle, upcycled, vintage dresser, upcycled dresser, upcycle, green painted dresser, green dresser, chalk paint, in progress, DIY, DIY project, thrift, thrifting, found at the thrift, pop some tags, DIY, project, upcycled, upcycle

Here is the top surface after one coat of the stain. Needed one more to get rid of the last few markings.

after staining, dresser stained, stained dresser, upcycle, upcycled, DIY, DIY dresser, upcycled dresser, found at the thrift, thrifting, thrift shopping, pop some tags, furniture re-do, old to new, bring it home, project,

I am so happy with how it turned out! Here is the dresser complete –

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The last photo is its true color green. It photographed differently depending on the angle apparently.

Hope you enjoyed the post! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @foundatththrift and be sure to check out the other projects on website. Just click on ‘Projects’ above. We would love to hear what you think – leave a comment!




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