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Thrifted Wooden Bowls Upcycled

thrifted wooden bowls upcycled

Here’s an ongoing inexpensive thrifting project that makes a large impact! Next time you’re at the thrift store, pick up one of those light wooden bowls in the kitchen section. You know the ones. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and you never give them a second look. I found mine at my local Salvation Army. Ones like these –

before, found at the thrift, thrifting, wooden bowl, DIY, wooden bowl upcycled, upcycle, paint, craft, painted bowl


First step of the project is to give it a coat of spray paint. I used classic white and I found that if you skip this step, your craft paint isn’t going to stick.

base coat, spray paint, painting project, DIY, found at the thrift, crafting, craft, painting project, upcycle, upcycled thrifting project, found at the thrift, thrifting, thrifter


Choose your paint, pattern, and start!

On this particular wooden bowl I chose a pattern unexpected to the lines of the bowl itself. Just add your painters tape, let it dry, and then add another color to the opposite side. Don’t forget the bottom of the bowl too!

painted, upcycle, DIY, found at the thrift, mid project, painters tape, project

jewellery holder, jewellery tray, upcycled, project, DIY, holder

Try different shapes and color variations! What would you use these bowls for? Jewellery holder? A place for your keys on the front hall entrance table? Share your project, we’d love to see what you come up with! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @foundatthrift

ongoing project, found at the thrift, thrifting, thrift, thrifter, upcycled


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