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Learn to sew from materials found at the thrift

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Sewing can be an expensive hobby and when you’re learning to sew, shopping at a thrift store can help! I used to skip over this section of the thrift store but there are always a great selection of fabric, patterns, buttons, thread, etc that you can find at the thrift. Just be sure to wash the material when you get home!

The first thing I made was this infant t-shirt. I had the thread and sewing machine already at home but I picked up:

Pattern 0.25 (it was open but was never used)

Material 1.99 (2 yards of this cute camera pattern)

$2.24 total! Buying that much material at the fabric store plus the pattern would easily be more than $25. And since I was just learning to sew, I wasn’t worried about ruining some expensive material or hacking up the pattern.

Other things to look for when at the thrift store:

1. Duvet Covers and sheets. In between the well used duvet covers, you can find some great bedding that you can cut and use the material for sewing. I’ve even found brand new sets.

2. Pillow cases. Quick and easy item to get a variety of fabric.

3. Placemats.  Look beyond the shape and you can easily take apart the fabric for quilting. You can usually find the placements in sets of four, and its a great way to get lots of material of the same pattern.

4. Clothing. Hit up the thrift store on a sale day and check out all the clothing they have to offer. Look in the kids section, mens and womens section. Since you’re only looking at the material it doesn’t matter what your fabric of choice currently looks like. Buy a XL mens shirt, take it apart and you have some great material for a bigger project and you potential only paid $1!

Do you check out the material at the thrift store or is it something you usually skip over? I’d love to hear your comments!


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