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Create your own personalized drink coasters

Here’s a simple 10 minute project for making personalized drink coasters.

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Coasters can be found at practically any thrift store and are usually in the kitchen section along with the ‘knick-knacks’ like clown figureenes, and ceramic animals. Some can be in better shape than others, but you can also find some brand new. A couple weeks ago I found two brand new packages of cork coasters and I took them home knowing that they would be a great project. You can probably also find some at local craft stores, or dollarstores if you can’t find any at your local thrift.

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This project is so simple. Grab a sharpie and just start drawing random letters. ‘M’ is for my first name so that is what I went with, but you could do your last name, one of each member of your family, or do the ABC’s.

If you’re not feeling so create, try google to give you some ideas. I typed in ‘caligraphy M’ and ‘cool fonts for the letter M’ to get me started. Before you know it, you’ll have a set of coasters for the living room.

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Can’t find any plain cork coasters at your local thrift? I have seen a ton of ceramic coasters with landscapes or flowers. Bring them home and add some initials. You might be surprised how they turn out! If you do try it, send me a picture and I would love to post it!

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