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10 Halloween Decorations from thrifting purchases

Everyone loves to decorate for Halloween and who doesn’t want to save some money. Shopping at thrift stores is a great way to re-purpose items to DIY and turn them into something new. I’ve complied a list of 10 Halloween decorations you can make from thrift store finds. All images are used from the listed sources.

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1. Painted Wine Glasses – Source:

Paint the outside of some wine glasses that you don’t mind ruining. Put the wine glass upside down and start pouring a small amount of craft paint on the outside of the glass allowing it to drip down the sides. Don’t forget to use the outside of the glass as you don’t want to be drinking with your craft paint.

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2. Bloody Towels for the Bathroom – Source:

You know you don’t want to be using your good guest towels for this project. Pick up some towels at a thrift store and add some hand prints using some fake blood. An easy and spooky decoration for the bathroom!

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3. Cakestand turned skull holder – Source:

Shop the kitchen section of a thrift store to find some cake stands or other glass display items. A cake stand like this could hold a number of Halloween themed items from skulls, pumpkins, spiders/snakes, or you could even use one in attempts to hide Halloween candy.

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4. Wrapping paper covered light switch – Source:

If you really want to decorate for Halloween take the time to repurpose an old light switch that you could find at a thrift store. Guaranteed these are going to cost under an $1 and if it doesn’t turn out as planned, no big deal. Cover it with some Halloween themed giftwrap or Halloween themed napkins with some modpdge and you’ve got a unique decor item for your room.

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5. Haunted picture frames – Source:

Thrift stores are the absolute best for finding picture frames. You can create a display of haunted picture frames by printing out some old black and white photos (or you may even find some frames with photos to use) and cut out the eyes. If you’re really feeling really crafty and are able to find some small lights, put them in behind the cut out eyes for a spooky glowing look.

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6.  Caution Tape Halloween Wreath – Source:

Simply wrap a wreath that you find at a thrift store with caution tape, add a bow, and you have a Halloween wreath for your door or mantle. Wreaths can be found at any thrift store and you can find the caution tape at any Halloween store display.

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7. Candle sticks for Displaying Pumpkins – Source:

Pick up a variety of candle sticks from a thrift store, add some fake or real mini pumpkins and you’ve got a great Halloween for the table or mantle piece. The mis-match look is the best and thrift stores are the best solution for putting these types of looks together.

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8. Sharpie Painted Halloween Plate – Source: 

Plates are in an abundance at thrift stores and you can write all kinds of spooky messages on them. Grab a sharpie, and write your messages like ‘BOO’ (that, or something a bit more creative) and display your plate for the holiday.

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9. Gothic Lace Candles – Source:

Create a gothic look to some plain candles by gluing some black lace to the outside of a glass holder. Even if the candle holder itself isn’t perfect, you’ll be surrounding it with lace anyway and the imperfections will look even better. I like this idea so much that I may keep it around for even after Halloween.

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10. Black Ceramic Cats – Source: http://let–it–

Finally a purpose for all those ceramaic cats at thrift stores! Spray paint them black and you have a great Halloween decor piece! Painted birds would also look great.

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Thanks for checking out our ideas! We would love to see what you guys come up with! Email us a photo of your DIY Halloween Decoration and we’ll post it to our page. Send us an email:



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