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honderich walnut credenza

This has got to be my favourite thrifting find ever: A Honderich walnut credenza.

honerich, teak, teak hutch, teak credenza, you cant paint teak, found at the thrift, amazing furniture


This piece is amazing! The wood itself is in great condition, just a few minor scratches on the surface but nothing a teak oil won’t fix. The bottom cabinet doors slide into the middle with ease, revealing a ton of storage. The first drawer has four main cutlery dividers and is lined with a dark purple/black velvet liner! Velvet! The drawers are dove-tailed and there is a ‘honderich’ stamp on the first drawer. From doing some quick research online the company looks to be from Ontario in the mid 20th century. And I can’t find the credenza selling for less than $400, let alone both pieces together. Score! I also stumbled upon this catalogue for the pieces and it looks like they were originally sold separately as a “1893 hutch” and “1892 buffet”!

honderich, buffet, credenze, teak, 1970s

If you guys know some information about this beauty, please share!



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