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vintage side table ‘mellow yellow’

vintage, side table, harmony house, chalk paint, mellow yellow, DIY, upcycle


I knew this side table needed some love right when I saw it.

One day I was at my local recycling exchange (the place where you take in your styrofoam and other random materials) and noticed that this table was sitting outside drying from the rain that just happened earlier that day. I pulled out the drawer and noticed that they were dove tailed and it had a stamp marked ‘harmony house’ on the inside. This is always a good sign when looking at used furniture! $10 later it was into my car and in my garage.

side table, the before, vintage, harmony house, chalk paint, DIY

vintage, drawer stamp, harmony house, project, DIY, chalk paint project

From my research online Harmony House was a brand introduced by Sears in 1940-1960’s. Google some images – they have some amazing furniture! This one was not in the greatest shape as I found out when painting. There is a little locking mechanism on one of the front cabinets that was out of commission, the drawer itself was really sticky (to the point of needing to yank on it to even open, if at all) and there were some major dents and holes on the top surface. You can obviously tell that was something used to be on the top from the fading and all the holes. I brought out the putty and filled in the major holes and then mixed up my chalk paint in a mellow yellow color. Given the issues, I knew that if someone was going to buy it, they would repaint so I sold it online with my local kijiji site.

Would you have taken this home with you? Leave some comments and let me know what you think!

vintage, harmony house, side table, chalk paint, before and after, found at the thrift


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