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chevron coffee table

chevron, chalk painted, chalk paint project, chalk paint, upcycle, found at the thrift, found at thrift

This coffee table project wasn’t a thrift shop find…

I actually found it on the side of the road.

Yes, I was one of those people that pulled over and threw it into the back of my car. And I know it wasn’t pretty but I knew there would be something I could do with it.

chevron, chalk painted, coffee table, upcycle, repurpose
the before.

It sat in the basement for awhile and after painting two side table to match my living room (another post, another time), I knew I wanted to complete the set with this coffee table. You could say that I cheated a little, or you could call me smart, but I decided to take advantage of the criss cross pattern on the top surface for my inspiration. I brought out the green painters tape and masked out the lines that I wanted to paint in a chevron pattern.

painters tape, chveron, chalk paint, upcycle, repurpose, picked up on the side of the road, project
enter painters tape.

I spent quite a bit of time making sure the edges of the tape were straight and that they were covering the right lines. I then filled in a few knicks and gouges with putty and it’s an important step if you’re wanting the smoothest look possible. If you’re going to distress a piece then skipping this step can add some charm to the project.

My first step with the chalk paint was to add two coats of white chalk paint (leaving each coat to dry in-between) in order to create the chevron pattern. I then slowly pulled off the tape and then decided to cover the entire coffee table with two coats of the dark blue chalk paint.

chalk paint, chevron, chevron stripes, chalk paint, upcycle,
white chalk paint for chevron pattern
chevron, chalk paint, upcycled coffee table, diy
goodbye tape. hello chevron.
blue chalk paint, diy, chevron, chalk paint, chalk painted project, i made it myself
blue chalk paint added.

I didn’t take photos of the next few step but it’s almost impossible to mess them up, especially when you’re going to distress a piece. I took a block of sandpaper and started roughing up the coffee table legs, sides, and the table top so that some of the white and some of the original wood grain showed through. Again, instead of buying the brand name wax, I purchased “Minwax Finishing Wax” and applied it to over the entire coffee table. Using a microfibre cloth, I rubbed a bunch of wax into the cloth and then applied it to the surface pressing hard and in a circular motion. I let it set (maybe an hour) and then took a different microfibre cloth and wiped down the entire table by pressing hard and in a circular motion again.

I moved it into the living room and viola! I have seen a ton of these coffee tables, or side tables in thrift stores for a great price. With a little creativity, a bland piece can look extraordinary!

The finished project:

finished, chevron coffee table, diy, upcycled coffee table, chevron chalk painted, chevron pattern, home-made chalk paint, white and blue, finally finished, found on the side of the road,
the after.

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